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Access the May 2023 discount campaign now. Available soon here: PUDU serving and transport robot available nationwide.
Access the May 2023 discount campaign now. Available soon here: PUDU serving and transport robot available nationwide.

HENDICHEF multi-purpose food processor, HENDI, 230V/1400W, 210x380x(H)320mm

by Hendi
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A modern food processor that:
- enables automatic cooking using previously saved recipes.
- the preparation of tasty and healthy meals is guaranteed in no time at all.
- Allows manual cooking, ie setting and changing the cooking parameters while cooking is in progress.

20 standard functions:
Cooking, Chopping, Stirring, Folding, Steaming, Sauteing, 
Grating, Sous-vide, Whipping, Melting, Caramelizing, Emulsifying, 
kneading, chopping, chopping, grinding, cutting, mixing, 
Stir, weigh

Additional functions:
- View photos of the ingredients of a specific dish.
- Color display of functions and parameters using TFT (Thin Film Transistor).
- Creating an archive of cooked dishes.
- Search for favorite dishes.
- Creation of new steps in the existing and new recipes.

- 4,5 liter multifunctional container (working volume 3 l) with a high-performance heating element made of high-quality, acid-resistant stainless steel (AISI 304 technology).
- Transparent polycarbonate lid with start sensor allows to control the process without opening it.
- 2 types of covers: HOT COVER for processing hot food and COLD COVER for processing cold food.
- 4-blade knife made of hardened AISI 420 stainless steel in a 3D arrangement.
- Motor housing made of anti-vibration material
- SLIDE LOCK technology prevents uncontrolled movements on the worktop (ABS housing)

The 3-piece steamer set includes:
a. a 4,5 liter non-stick polymer steamer basket mounted on top of the pot - for fast steaming
b. Steaming attachment to double the work surface
c. Lid to reduce excess steam so the food retains its full aroma and crispiness

- Stirrer for cooked food
- Whisk (essential for making emulsions such as mayonnaise and for whipping egg whites or cream)
- Steamer basket
- 2-function mincing disc
- Integrated quartz scale (5 g to 5 kg) with tare function.

Additional accessories (dishwasher safe):
- Spatula made of abrasion-resistant and temperature-resistant silicone
- Measuring cup for precise dosing

Technical parameters:
- Temperature control from 37°C to 130°C
- Timer: 0-90 min.
- 12 agitator speed levels
- 2 USB slots for uploading recipes (on the bottom of the device)
- Dimensions: 210x380x(H)320mm
- Bowl volume: 4,5l (3l usable)
- Heating power: 1000 W
- Motor power: 1000 W
- Stirring power: 1400 W
- Total power consumption: 1400 W
- Frequency: 50Hz
- Voltage: 230 V
- Net/Gross Weight: 8,21kg/10,6kg