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Now available here: MYPV heating elements, photovoltaic modules, SUNGROW inverters, batteries and buffer storage. For private customers please order via Amazon.

Manuka honey

Manuka honey - on everyone's lips

A look at the properties of Manuka honey shows why this very special honey is enjoying increasing attention and popularity.

Its power exceeds that of all other honeys many times over and is even considered a "natural antibiotic". It has been used internally and externally for medicinal purposes by the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, for centuries. It works against bacteria, viruses and fungal diseases. Manuka honey also has an antiseptic and antioxidant effect. It is also increasingly used in conventional medicine. A real elixir of life!

309 Manuka Honey “- a gift for life.

When used externally, it helps with wounds, herpes, stye, eczema, neurodermatitis and mycoses. In conventional medicine it is already used for burns and alternative practitioners also recommend it for healing scars after operations.

Its extraordinary effect on colds, fever, coughs, sore throats, sinus infections and the flu is ideal at this time of year. It strengthens the immune system, prepares physical well-being and even helps against insomnia.

Manuka is also used very successfully in cosmetics. Its strong antibacterial ingredients are a real miracle cure for pimples and acne. Manuka honey also has a moisturizing and regenerating effect, which is why it is predestined for skin care


The “very personal” import + doing good

When Stefan Jonas, director of the well-known TV series “Storm of Love”, came to New Zealand for the first time a few years ago and drove through a remote, fairytale valley through the Coromandel peninsula, he encountered this extraordinary honey.

The beekeepers Sue and Andrew are a good-hearted couple whose passion is to extract and fill the "liquid gold" in a species-appropriate and particularly gentle way. This, the mild taste and the overwhelming effect of "309 Manuka Honey" convinced him.

“It is therefore my passion today to import“ 309 Manuka Honey ”to Europe, to share my enthusiasm and to do good at the same time,” says Stefan Jonas. Good not only in terms of health.


He already does charities when shipping. The "Pfennigparade" social center for the integration of disabled people takes over the sending of orders via its website and is thus financially supported. And Stefan Jonas invests the profits from the sale in inventors and companies that manufacture and sell plastic from hemp. "This honey is a special gift from nature - and its distribution should do good in the world and make its contribution to counteracting environmental pollution".

MGO - is Manuka the same as Manuka?

Through his "very personal" contact with the beekeepers and the direct import, Stefan Jonas guarantees the authenticity and the gentle, species-appropriate production of the honey. In addition, he decided on a value of MGO 300+, as it can be used for all the diseases described above and still be offered at an attractive price.

The MGO salary (MethylGlyOxal) stands for the amount of the active ingredient in milligrams per kilogram of honey. Other honeys usually have a maximum of 2 to around 20mg MGO / kg. Manuka honey is unique in the world and many times stronger in its antioxidant effect.

The 300+ mg / kg MGO content of "309 Manuka Honey" is tested in New Zealand by state institutes in the laboratory, and additionally tested and confirmed in Germany by the Technical University of Food Chemistry Dresden, Professor Henle.


Interview with Stefan Jonas, June 2021

What makes Manuka honey so unique? Stefan Jonas, founder of 309manukahonig, answered this question during a business talk on the Kudamm.

Interview with Stefan Jonas, July 2021

At Brendel episode 4 with Stefan Jonas director Sturm der Liebe producer cameraman Manuka Honig