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Now available here: MYPV heating elements, photovoltaic modules, SUNGROW inverters, batteries and buffer storage. For private customers please order via Amazon.
Now available here: MYPV heating elements, photovoltaic modules, SUNGROW inverters, batteries and buffer storage. For private customers please order via Amazon.

Reusable products

From July 01.07.2021st, XNUMX Conventional single-use plastic products are prohibited, including straws, cups, cutlery, crockery, TO-GO packaging, etc. The ban also includes single-use products made from so-called bioplastics.

In cooperation with various manufacturers, we can offer you glass and plastic drinking straws in different colors, sizes and styles (e.g. curved). "With our glass drinking straws you get an ecologically harmless alternative to plastic straws. The reusable glass drinking straws are sustainable for the environment. Thanks to a special production process, they are particularly break-resistant and can be disposed of with household waste and glass containers without any problems!" - Manufacturer of glass drinking straws

What are tempered glass drinking straws?

We have always been enthusiastic about technology. For this reason, we use a special process in the production of our glass drinking straws that offers many advantages. 

Tempered glass drinking straws are particularly break-resistant!

Warning: it's getting hot now! Our glass drinking straws made from recyclable glass form the basis. In a final production step, all glass drinking straws are heated in a special oven and then carefully cooled. This process is known as "tempering". It reduces the tension in the glass and makes our glass drinking straws particularly break-resistant!

Standard and individual solutions

We deliver our high quality glass drinking straws in the usual standard sizes. Do you need other lengths or diameters? We are happy to meet individual customer requirements, talk to us!


Outside diameter: from 9 to 8 mm
Inside diameter: from 8 to 6 mm

Standard lengths: 15 cm | 20 cm | 23 cm | 27 cm
Individual lengths: on request, everything is possible from 10 cm to 30 cm!
Quality features: tempered, break-resistant, reusable product, disposal via household waste, in a glass container, recyclable

Service: high quality individual laser engraving, Packaging design according to customer requirements
Gastro boxes: 50 glass drinking straws incl. 1 cleaning brush 15/20/23/27 cm for gastronomy | C&C area
Contents: 50 glass drinking straws + 1 cleaning brush

Materials in comparison

Advantages of glass drinking straws

  • Made in Germany = quick replacement, directly from the manufacturer
  • Goods on call = short delivery routes, small warehousing, fast goods turnover
  • 100% made from recyclable glass = environmentally friendly, no plastic waste
  • reusable = sustainable, environmentally friendly reusable product
  • break resistant = tempered and safe
  • dishwasher safe = hygienic and easy cleaning
    in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher
  • tasteless = for real drinking pleasure
  • for hot and cold drinks = temperature resistant
  • food safe = harmless
  • PBA and lead free = without pollutants

    Vpackaging design

    We offer glass drinking straws in different sets of 4 to 10 glass drinking straws and gastro boxes with 50 glass drinking straws in different lengths including cleaning brushes.

    On request, we can take over the packaging design of the sets as well as the assembly for you. Talk to us, we will develop a customized solution for you and will be happy to make you an offer.

    We address the following industries:

    Sustainability and environmental protection concern us all!

    150 million tons of plastic waste already pollute our oceans, according to the EU Parliament's scientific service.

    With our Glass drinking straws make a conscious decision for an ecological way and an environmentally conscious future! Our glass drinking straws are not only reusable, they are also recyclable and can be disposed of with household waste.

    Greenwashing: not with us! Our glass drinking straws do not travel by ship from Asia to Germany, but come to you directly from the manufacturer. Trust in our sustainable quality "made in Germany".