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Now available here: MYPV heating elements, photovoltaic modules, SUNGROW inverters, batteries and buffer storage. For private customers please order via Amazon.
Now available here: MYPV heating elements, photovoltaic modules, SUNGROW inverters, batteries and buffer storage. For private customers please order via Amazon.


Neumärker catering supplies
A high product quality, reliability and innovative ideas for more sales in the catering industry. These are the core competencies of Neumärker Gastronomiebedarf. Founded in 1894, Neumärker is one of the first manufacturers of electric waffle irons in the world. More than 100 years ago, waffle irons were made for the upscale household in the Neumärker manufactory. Today Neumärker is one of the leading producers of professional waffle irons, grill plates, contact grills, crepes plates and many other baking appliances. This expertise is used in conjunction with innovative gastro concepts for the manufacture and sale of high-quality cooking appliances and kitchen tools for the catering industry.

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Proven Quality
In the Neumärker online shop you will find over 1000 items for the gastronomy and showman area. With all devices and accessories, we rely on first-class quality at an affordable price. Products and articles are extensively tested for their quality before they are sold. We only offer products that also meet our quality standards. One example of this are the professional chocolate fountains for the catering industry. We previously checked many different chocolate fountains that did not meet our requirements. We were only satisfied with the Sephra brand gastro appliances, especially due to the low-noise drive, and have therefore been added to our gastronomy range. We try to achieve this level of care and quality for all of our products. It is true that Neumärker gastro appliances are designed for long-term and gastronomic use.

Restaurant supplies, snack supplies, bakery supplies, fairground supplies, butcher supplies, hotel supplies ...
Neumärker is the point of contact for everyone who is looking for high-quality catering, hotel or showman needs as well as large kitchen technology. Whether professional waffle irons, refrigerated showcases, ovens, chocolate fountains, lava stone grills or grill plates: We cover every restaurant, bakery and hotel requirement! We offer large and small appliances as well as catering accessories for long-term, professional use. With us you can find products and gastro equipment for restaurants, snack bars, ice cream parlors, canteens, large kitchens, pizzerias and the catering sector. But there is also a wide range of professional equipment available for showmen.

Large selection of catering supplies
To make it easy to find our diverse selection of gastro appliances, baking appliances and products, these are functionally and clearly structured according to categories.

Baking appliances
In the Waffles, Crêpes & Co. category you will find a large selection of catering waffle irons. Neumärker offers waffle irons with over 30 different baking pans. Neumärker's crepes platters and poffertjes makers can be found at almost every Christmas market in Germany. For a particularly simple and fast production of waffles, poffertjes, crêpes, etc., we offer our ready-made waffle batter and other batter mixes.

Grill plates, water grills, chicken grills and Co.
The grills & roasters category contains high-quality gastro grills and griddle plates for quick and efficient snack preparation. Here you will find classic contact grills for meat, rolls or panini sandwiches. Modern grill plates and lava stone grills ensure short cooking times. Friends of the water grill, chicken grill or kebab grill will also find something here. For restaurant needs, we offer 800 ° C top heat grills. With these you can shock-heat steaks for a first-class caramelized crust with a juicy interior. BBQ smokers are particularly recommended if you want something more cozy. With slowly smoked spare ribs and roasts, you can also serve every gourmet palate, for example in the catering area.

Sausage warmers, deep fryers and fun food for snacks, events and showmen
An important part of the Neumärker range is made up of gastro devices for snacks at festivals, markets and for walk-in customers in the city. From hot dog sausage warmers to currywurst slicers, every takeaway operator, chef and showman is in good hands with us. We offer a large selection of deep fryers for large kitchens or mobile stands. With these, French fries and other deep-fried products succeed effortlessly, quickly and to the point. Mayonnaise and ketchup are ideal for the right topping, especially in the snack bar. A sauce dispenser is ideal for drip and splash-free dosing and portioning. Fast and efficient work without waiting times, or self-service by the customer, are given with the pump dispenser.

Attention showmen and booth operators! In the fun-food category you will find everything a customer's heart desires. Whether classic popcorn machines, cotton candy or nachos: you will attract attention with our decorative professional devices! Lure every sweet tooth to buy your products with chocolate fountains. Chocolate tempering devices offer the simple possibility of adding a seductive glaze to your dishes. But chocolate fountains or popcorn machines are also the eye-catchers of the event for the catering sector! Or try something new and expand your culinary concept. In addition to being sold in markets, chestnut roasters are also a special idea for catering. The fragrant chestnuts are eye-catchers at parties and events.

Refrigerated showcases and heated showcases
An attractive presentation of the dishes is particularly important in gastronomy. Cold counters, refrigerated showcases and other cooling attachments for stylish presentation increase sales significantly. You can find refrigerated counters for food, ingredients and drinks in the Cooling & Ice section. Neumärker offers a wide range of cooling technology. Be it refrigerated display case, cake display case, refrigerated counters: You will find what you are looking for in the versatile selection of different refrigerated display cases for visually appealing display of sushi, tapas or other chilled products. The use of buffet showcases keeps the food on the buffet permanently fresh. Of course, we also offer various beverage refrigerators, wine refrigerators or buffet islands. Just talk to us and together we will find the right cooling technology for your perfect gastro concept!

It's a little hotter when it comes to keeping things warm. The same applies to food that is kept warm: an appealing presentation is the best guarantee for good sales. Our offer ranges from the hot counter to practical bain-marie water baths to heated lights and baked goods showcases. Warming plates and chafing dishes as well as plate warmers and cup warmers are essential gastro devices, especially for restaurant and catering services. With these, keeping food warm and serving it up is easy and efficient.

Cooking appliances
It gets a few degrees warmer in Cooking & Frying. Here you will find catering supplies for everything to do with searing, heating, "wokkening" and cooking. Use high-quality induction cookers, classic hotplates or gas cookers for mobile use or as an additional plate in the indoor area In combination with a giant pan, it is perfect for use at markets and festivals. For the wok, we offer both gas cookers and particularly efficient induction cookers. In addition, the category also includes microwaves, rice cookers and rice warmers.

Beverage dispenser
Neumärker offers a large selection of catering supplies for the bar in the drinks category. The cocoa warmers and mulled wine warmers from Neumärker are particularly well-known. The hot tip instantaneous water heater and the Chocolady are probably the most popular drink dispensers at every Christmas market. For hot drinks you will find coffee machines, samovars and hot water kettles here. And especially for the production of fresh juice, Neumärker offers various kitchen machines and bar accessories such as mixers, blenders, juicers and citrus presses. A special highlight are the automatic orange juice presses, with which customers in many supermarkets can now tap their own fresh orange juice.

Potato ovens, pizza ovens, pasta cookers and dough kneading machines
Furthermore, Neumärker Gastrobedarf offers a variety of different ovens. Particularly noteworthy are the potato ovens with their rustic design. The Potato Baker create a pleasant atmosphere and are widely used at Christmas and medieval markets as well as in cozy cafés and bistros. There is a selection of professional and efficient convection ovens for restaurant needs.

The Pizza, Pasta & Dough category deals with Italian cuisine. Pizza ovens and dough sheeters are basic catering requirements for the preparation of pizza. The main difference between a pizza oven and conventional baking appliances is the solid firebrick. Pizza ovens deliver particularly crispy baking results. For pasta there are various pasta cookers and special dough sheeters that you can find in this section. In addition to the dough sheeters, we also offer professional dough kneading machines for the preparation of pasta. These dough kneading machines are indispensable in pizzerias or at pizza stands at folk festivals, where hundreds of pieces of pizza are prepared every day.

Kitchen tools and restaurant supplies
In large kitchens and catering kitchens, the mise en place, the optimal arrangement and preparation of the workplace, is essential for a smooth process. The necessary kitchen tools and catering equipment can be found in the Kitchen & Buffet category. Whether slicers, fruit cutters or vegetable cutters, sandwich toasters or salamanders. Vacuum sealers and sous vide basins are particularly helpful for simplified work sequences. With this concept, a significantly higher degree of preparation of meals is achieved, which optimizes work processes. This is extremely beneficial, especially at peak times in restaurants. And that with the same or even better quality of roast beef, saddle of venison and Co.

Hygiene needs
Almost at the bottom of our list are gastro-hygiene items. Cleanliness and hygiene are of great importance for every restaurant, kitchen and catering establishment. Effective cleaning agents are required for cleaning kitchen surfaces and for degreasing and decrusting waffle irons, grill plates and griddle plates. Insect killers help effectively against annoying insects in restaurants, cafés and bistros in warmer temperatures. Thanks to the subtle design of our insect killers, they can also be integrated inconspicuously in the customer area.

Other catering supplies: stainless steel furniture, serving trolleys and cutlery boxes
Our catering needs are rounded off by additional kitchen tools in the Other category: Cozy radiant heaters for outdoor catering, functional stainless steel furniture and stainless steel shelves for the kitchen or practical containers. Especially for restaurants with catering services, canteens and in large kitchens, transport trolleys and serving trolleys as well as versatile Gastronorm containers are fundamental catering needs. They guarantee problem-free transport as well as space-saving and economical storage.